Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not Fussed Really (or was it real fussy???)

Confession time..........

I wouldn't say I have OCD, I usually open and close a door twice before walking through it but everybody does that dont they? No I'm just overly fussy, I like certain things certain ways.

Here are a few:

Mash potatoes - While they are still hot I have to put butter in them and white pepper on top. It has to be while the mash is still hot so the butter melts. I always serve mine, get it perfect, then serve everybody elses.

Socks - I only wear 2 types of sock (multiple pairs). "All Day Socks" for in the office and Bonds Sports Socks (ankle height) for anything else.

Shoes - There was a time where the only casual shoes I would wear were Converse Chuck Taylor Allstar lows but I feel i've made progress in this area. After wearing ADIO footwear skate shoes for the past year the Hamilton V2
is officially THE MOST COMFORTABLE shoe i've EVER worn. (hmm 2010 colours are cooooool)

Undies - Bonds Trunks - I have worn nothing but these for going on 10 years now & hope I never have to change. The thought of switching styles let alone brands its too much to comprehend right now.

Glitter - Ok this one is just a hatred thing.... Is it not the most awful substance on the face of the earth?? It gets into everything, dont get me started on giftmas.

Alcoholic Drinks - Not that I drink it often but I can tell when beer is past its shelf life (90 days??) by the taste & will usually tip out or (to be polite) finish the one I have then have no more. Similarly red wine is a favourite but has to be a few degrees cooler than room temp (but not chilled) my tip is to chill the glass ;)

Strange Food Combinations #1- I hate banana, with a passion, the smell of them makes me dry reach, and the look of one with a bruise brings back memories of my Mother making banana cake using horrid black soft banana. I'll eat those lollie bananas though.

Strange Food Combinations #2 - I will only have my usual cereal (all bran) with low fat milk, but I only have full cream on any other cereal (Vita Brits & Porrige).

Clean Butter/Margarine Tub - This is a hard one in a family full of vegemite animals. There is always lots of colours in our marg tub - I keep my own hidden at the back of the fridge. Actually I also keep a hidden sauce bottle up high in the pantry. I only have sauce on sausages and hamburgers but the other members of our clan have it on everything from veggies to roast lamb so its a real pain when we run out on the night I cook sausages and hamburgers.

Glasses - I only wear Oakley for sunglasses & reading glasses. I update my sunglasses every 18 months to 2 years. I think i'm on my 12th pair now. I'm also fussy about the lenses, they must always be completely clean before use and preferably polarised.

PC screens - I always have to have an imaculate screen on both my personal and business laptops. My car windscreen is also similar to this.

People who screw both screws on the monitor cable plug all the way in - WHY?? may you all rot in hell.

Bike Gear - I have 4 jackets, 4 pairs of gloves, 2 pairs of boots, 4 pairs of pants all adding towards a "perfect" combination for any given weather situation.

Thats just a snapshot really, just what Mamma Bare and I could think of. Its not all bad, I'm easy going in just about every other way honest I am!!! My Father was the same about certain things and now my eldest is shaping up the same also.

Until next time..... (I need to go rescue my tub of butter from the children)

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