Sunday, March 21, 2010

31 Years Young

Mamma Bare Turned 31 Yesterday

We started going out back in high school in the middle of year 10, we were both 15

I had never had a real girlfriend and was very nervous in the early days, we barely touched one another for the first few months, we went out to movies and road trains & buses around to kill time, it took me weeks to get enough courage to hold her hand. Luckily hand holding lead to kissing, kisses lead to proper kisses and so on. But looking back I always feel that I fell in love with her before our first kiss.

We grew up together sharing many teenage milestones along the way, she helped me shave for the first time, bought me my first pair of Oakleys, wrote messages inside my school books, taught me about the ins and outs of 70's model ford falcons etc etc. We always respected each others space, we would spend recess and after school together, but lunch was for our friends. Before graduating high school we new we were soul mates.

It was however really hard in the early years, being 17 and knowing you want to spend your life with your best friend can be frustrating when you have to say goodbye at the end of each day as opposed to goodnight.

Looking back it seems like decades ago, we soon got engaged moved in together, had a baby together, bought land, got married, sold land, bought a house had more babies and fast forward 17 years and here we are.

Its funny because on paper we have little in common, sure we have a few television shows we watch together and we both love the Beatles, but that's about it. I cant stand her radio station nor her mine. I have a place for everything yet she continues to find new locations to store the car keys or her purse. I like horror movies she likes rom coms, I wake at the crack of dawn she sleeps til midday. Although there are much more opposites it really is irrelevant and that is the way we like it.

We do however share a common outlook on life and the same goals for what we want & also how we raise our children. She has taught me that just because our parents did something doesn't mean we have to follow suit, she has introduced me to home birth, homeschooling, and gentle parenting techniques. I learn from her every day and even though my face has aged and although I now have grey hairs and thick whiskers I still look upon her with school boy eyes & the crush I've had since since we were 15.

I could die tomorrow happy that I have shared half my life with her, she is my equal, my best friend and the reason I am the man I am today. I'm proud beyond words at the fact that she has carried and birthed our 6 (abnormally large) children.

With her holding my hand I have no weakness & together we can achieve anything.

Happy birthday my love


  1. wow the best part of this for me is that i get it...Thank you so very much...Currawong hellena's partner...Peace

  2. Yeah, I agree, I reckon you two (eight!) are fantabulous!! Love how many things we've got in common, it's so nice to hear about other people that represent us in such an unrepresentational world!!! Thank you for being so gorgeous, and thank you for being in love, and thanks for writing about it in a blog:)

  3. Oh my goodness! You two are just beautiful. It's so wonderful to see so much love - especially with such full and busy lives and after *all this time*.

    Your love for each other gives me gorgeous warm fuzzies. Thank you for sharing S. :o)