Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The secrets to parenting 6 children

Many people who do or do not know us make the assumption that our level of sanity is directly linked to having 6 children. It is in fact, but in a positive way, not negative as most assume when they say "6 Kids? You must be crazy!!" The fact is that comment, heard as many times as we have usually gets accompanied with "I dont know how you do it, I have trouble with my 1/2/3".

And there in lies the fun part. Its my morbid sense of satisfaction when I hear 2.3'ers as I call them (the average amount of children used to be 2.3) complaining about how hard it is and how they need a break etc etc.

So here is my top 10 tips for dealing with 6 children:

10) Childcare/Creche/Day Care - It doesn't matter what you call it, it's still you paying someone to parent your own child & what I would classify as a form of neglect. If you need your children watched then ask someone you trust and who loves them and respects your wishes in every way (we had ours watched twice last year) . Single parents excused of course

9) Embrace the chaos, the sooner you do the sooner it wont feel chaotic .

8) There is a big difference betwen yelling OVER your children & yelling AT them, try to limit the latter.

7) With 6 children you need to accept that the toilet will always need flushing prior to use, but this is ok as we try to teach water conservation.

6) Television is evil, it is, we recently went commercial TV free, not even the simpsons is suitable for young children these days, dont get me staretd on the news.

5) If you dont have the stomach for Vomit, urine or Faeces you soon will have, i'm blessed with a cast iron stomach and have been cleaning up excriment since my nursing days but each child has still surprise me at least once in this area.

4)When on an outing organisation is key, while it is stressful we do go out in busy shopping centres. I carry Miss 2 in a kozy, Mumma Bare carries miss 0 in a sling, Mr 3 is pushed by me in the stroller, miss 5 holds the stroller & Mr 7 & Mr 9 walk between us.

3) Relish the little things - My renditions of childrens nursery rhymes in strange voices always get more laughs than the latest pixar movie.

2) Parental Team Work - This is important, we dont have husband jobs or wife jobs, we share in everything, what use are you if you aren't cross trained?

1) The most important thing that applies to just about all facets of being a parent.....

RELAX!!! It doesn't matter if its a baby that wont sleep or an arguement over a toy. Children sense your stress and react accordingly, the sooner you chill out the sooner they will.

Until next time.........


  1. LOL love it all!!
    Even with 'only' 3 we get the 'how do you cope??'

  2. thats over 2.3 and hence has instant cred with me :)

  3. Wow so needed that post. Thank you
    mumma to 6

  4. You've won my vote completely!! (if there is indeed a vote...) Love your common sense approach, and as a mum (and dad) of 5 children, with twins in my belly, it's so nice to hear about another big family!! Totally agree on the childcare point - we're into natural learning and copping the flak I'm sure most people who take this path cop...and got rid of our telly 8 years ago and never looked back!! We still do documentaries and groovy programs...(couldn't let the kids miss out on The Goodies!!), but we've removed the commercialism, consumerism, propaganda and enculturation which works for us! And so nice to read a blog about a dad who's passionate about his family! My man is but hasn't quite got to blogging yet. Thanks!!

  5. I'm the youngest of 5 and my DH the eldest of 6 so even though we are 2.3ers, we know better than to complain!

    I love number 9. Embracing things rather than trying to change them was a light bulb moment for me when my youngest decided that he wanted his day to start at about 5am. We did everything to try and get him to sleep in which caused nothing but anger, frustration & resentment. When we finally decided to embrace the early mornings it suddenly didn't seem to be such a big deal.