Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Land Ho!!!

Ok so this blog will feature 6 or so regular update types aside from any other random dribble I see fit to regurgitate
1) Children
2) Motorcycles
3) Cooking
4) Opinion
5) House Building
6) These are a few of my favourite things

With that I thought I should roll on with number 5 -House building

October 2009 saw us finally get our old 3 bedroom home of some 8 or so years "renovated" to a point where we could sell it. I use the term renovate very lightly, Mumma Bare caught the renovators bug quite badly, this meant she directed while I worked, some things came naturally and easily (I'm pretty happy with my painting skills) others were more of a struggle.

Renovating on its own is hard, throw the (then) 5 children we had into the mix and you had many an evening where I'd be painting a wall while my then 3 year old son C would be down the other end drawing on it. Frustrating to say the least.

We finally got the house ready to go on the market and thankfully it sold within 3 weeks, I dont know how much longer we could have kept it sparkling clean anyway. I have a lot of fond memories of that house but we never really felt at home there.

We intended to buy another established home but after seeing what was on the market in the areas we liked, this was soon realised to be impossible. We knew we wanted a tree change, somewhere with enough room for the children to run around, somewhere close to the parts of Victoria we love but still within suitable commute to my work.

We had been looking at 1/3 and 1/2 acre lots for weeks seeing nothing that grabbed us. Then a day spent with friends whose property adjoins anovergrow forrest see below:

We knew we wanted bigger, plans were changed, budgets reassed and the decision made to spend a little more to get more land, rent for 12-18 months and then build our dream home.

We settled on a nice spot, just over an acre, half cleared half bush surrounded apple orchards, vineyards and looking across to the yarra ranges.

The View frm the front of our block

Looking up our road towards the national park
Looking down toward the main road

Looking down the block

We haven't done much with the land over the past few months other than clear it and keep the grass down, we have 2 large dead trees to cut down then we can get the bushfire assessment done and start deciding on what design we want and can have. More on those later

Until next time.....

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