Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Day, another birthday

Little miss P turned 2 this week, I thought I'd summarise her life thus far in pictures.

Birthed gently at home in water (like all good babies should be)
Dads first snuggle

Mumma Bare (AKA wonder woman)
With a tired dad & big Sister L
The only way to travel

The whole Fam

Starting to smile (read laugh her ass off)
Eager to get on 2 wheels

In marysville

Beautiful Blue Eyes (I tried but couldn't get one in my size)

On he road again

Its not all rainbows and butterflies
The whole gang, I love shots where they don't know i'm taking the photo

Asleep on Dad

What did you just eat??


With Dad on the top of Mt Buller in summer

Baby blue

Asleep on Dad again (seeing a pattern)
Snuggles with Mummy

Slightly warm at the park
Asleep on Dad, once again
Cheeeesey Grins

Zonked (But still looking fabulous darling!!!)

Middle of winter, insisted on wearing her wondersuit
One of my favourite shots of us

Tripple pig tails

Big sister

In Canbera for the homebirth Rally

At the beach with Dad (I like being the gentle giant)

Wrestling in the bed

Cheeky dressed by big sister

In Dads Kozy Carrier at the Myer Christmas windows

Helping me inflate the birthpool in preparationfor little sister H's Arrival
Yes, Like Dad she is a rev head

I think Dad may have the most comfy belly

We love cheesey grins (& Polka dots)

Christmas day with Mummy and little sister H

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  1. BEEEE-autiful!

    She is so YOU! I mean, if you were two and a girl ;)