Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Un-Australia Day

Ok I'll admit it, when it comes to Australia Day I am most definitely "Un-Australian". I don't see the point of celebrating the anniversary of some people landing in Sydney Cove a few hundred years back.

I dont see how its relevant to modern day Australia, if you ask most indigenous Australians they see Australia Day as day of mourning. Also know as "Invasion Day" the anniversary of the beginning of the end of indigenous culture at the hands of British Colonisation.

Now you wont see me protesting on the subject down at the tent embassy in Canberra I do feel the original tennants of this great southern land make an interesting & valid point. Combine the days "sensitivity" with the indigenous community & increasing trend in recent years of turning all manner of things into an Australian flag and I cant help but feel the day now represents little to nothing.

While not a fan of our current flags design (eager to see a republic as a matter of fact) I do respect it as our national flag (as all should). I respect what it stands for and while I am very much anti-war I also hold the utmost respect for those who died for our country and more importantly what our flag means to THEM. I grew up with the strict teachings of flag code, I've marched on ANZAC day and for me, for some reason seeing it adorned on a pair of board shorts or a bikini top is highly disrespectful. Its this trend that has in recent years seen our flag stoop to a mere fashion accessory, driven by retailers hoping to cash in on a previously un-tapped market that adds to the demise of the Australia day.

I read a quote once: "The American flag unites, the Australian flag divides". I couldn't agree more, not that we should regularily heed advice fro the US of A (Hello Healthcare) but with the increasing amount of racism in Australia spearheaded by what is now clearly bogan culture & the whole "Fuck off we're full" mentality its become an ugly side of our great land that seems to get its time in the limelight every 26th January

Why? Well for one its definitely increased in recent years mainly due to images plastered ovr the news of the Cronulla riots. Is a 17 year old drunk male wearing an aussie flag for a cape screaming racist slurs at a drunk Lebanese 17 year old drunk male something we want to portray as "Australian"? I also struggle to see the significance of the southern cross, we share this with at least 8 other countries flags so why is it so tied in with national (read bogan) pride nowadays?

So this Australia day I will be spending quality time with my Family and friends, you wont see me getting a southern cross tattoo on my forhead or attaching cheap plastic flags to my car. I may BBQ some lamb and will definitely have a beer & most certainly dream of an Australian independence day.

Happy Un-Australia day Everyone, til next time.....

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