Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where to start?

After clocking the internet in early 2009 on hard mode (That last guy is is a PITA) I figured I should really make an effort and contribute to the seemingly bottomless ether that is "das interwebz" (homminus interwebinas).

So where to start? There is aready a blog or two out there, actually i'm sure theres one for everyone, be it cooking, cleaning, music, movies, MILF's, gadgets, cars, boots, motorcycles, boobs, braids, bottoms, fashion, feet you name it - its out there. So for my blog this will be me writing for me, and anyone interested can have a laugh along the way, who knows we may both learn something.

What do I have to offer? I can guarantee that each update wont be for everybody, but hang in there and i'm sure i'll intrigue you one way or another.

Some stats about me: (Certified 73% accurate)
  • SEX - Last time I showered I was male, hopefully this trend continues

  • AGE- 30 Years old

  • MARITAL STATUS - 10 years to my childhood sweatheart AKA Mumma Bare

  • CHILDREN - 6 (yes i'm somewhat busy)

I'm not one to label myself any particular stereotype, you wont find me at the local bar watching footy or cricket but I like a beer or a nice red. I'll wear pink over blue any day, I love to cook, I love motorcycles, I love music, i'm just as comfortable with a mop and bucket in my had as I am with a spanner. I cant brag about travelling to most of the places everyone else has but have picked up a few valuable life lessons on the way, i've caught the last 3 of our 6 children as their mother pushed them out. I can sew, I can renovate & I can undo a bra with one hand (ok thats a lie, no mere mortal can).

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