Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another Good Day

I had an awesome fathers day, one of the best in years. I was up fairly early along with miss L & Mr B who presented me with my mass of home made cards filled with color and motorcycles and basketballs.

We had MB's parents meeting us for lunch so after I enjoyed my eggs on toast that were made for me we whipped the house into shape before our guests arrived.

We all loaded up to the bus and headed to our favorite local drinking spot for an outstanding lunch, I had my stalwart dish, the sweet chilli chicken parma. The rest of the fam had a mix or parmas, roasts seafood all sensationally good. Washed down with a few pints and many laughs 2 hours had passed by the time we left.

A quick stop at home to switch into shorts and grab a few supplies and we headed up to the aqua-duct trail, which is a 30km stretch of trail that runs along the side of the mountain range, it used to be a working aqua-duct that fed water to the hydro generator at the wheatbix factory, its an awesome walk. We did a few km with the children on their bikes until MB needed to take a break so we headed home. I like to do this walk regularly, we see evidence of many different types of wildlife, today we spotted a wedge tailed eagle, hands down my favorite animal which was a real treat for me.

I'll let the pics say the rest

Fallen Tree

Miss P is the pose striker
MB & her mother, fathers day is just as much about mothers.
The Dads
The Fam

Until next time...........

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