Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Birthday

32 Years Young

Mamma Bare Turned 32 last week. (when I wrote this, a month ago in reality)Despite being only 2 months older than me she is worlds ahead of me on so many levels.

I've spoken before on MB's super powers before. Like shopping, swimming, parks with 6 children in tow. After all this time she continues to surprise me in just how much of a great person she is. I'm continuously reminded by this with her actions with friends and other peoples children, not just her own. I also love the passion I see in her, I know how much helping new mothers and mothers to be with advice and support.

I was reminded of this on homeschool camp she discussed birth options with a friend. Having been told by her doctor that c-sections were the only option for her going forward MB didn't overwhelm her, didn't preach or be too domineering (despite advice being given by others) What I admired about her then was her restraint.

I never thought I would grow more attracted to her like I have. As we've changed from a teenagers to a adults and then parents i've had the pleasure of falling in love with her over and over again as we've both developed together.

I get to admire pieces of you in our children daily, so much of their kind and gentle natures are a direct result of your nurturing (& good genes)

So Happy birthday. I know you aim to make less and less of a fuss each year (We'll make up for it at your 40th)

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