Friday, November 19, 2010

Play Well

Thats what Lego means in Danish......

Today we hit up the Lego workshop with a bunch of home educated kids for some Lego learning.

Todays classes were focused on gears, the children learnt about driver gears, follower gears, gear ratios etc etc.

I sat out for the 1st session where they made mini-merry-go-rounds.

The after morning tea session was spent making race cars, powered by a capacitor that they hand charge with little Lego magnetos.

B's Concentration T' made friends
Again with the concentration
Is it that obvious who is the more laid back out of B & T
Race Time

B won his first round
As did T
B quickly worked out a secret
Smoother wheels = fast speed
T was more content to just tinker
Some of the other education Lego stuff
Away put your weapon I mean you no harm
The last activity was building a gear driven croc bot whose actions would be driven by a computer program the children wrote.
Hard at it
Paying attention
The program
Until Next Time...............
(I'm spent)

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