Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The $5 Coffee Table Project

Number 29 on my 40 before 40 post was to restore something:

Save & Restore something. It may be an old car at the wreckers or a piece of furniture left out for hard rubbish collection. I’d like to take something that someone has or is about to throw away and make it useful and appreciated again.

Well, it wasns't quite thrown away but I picked this up for $5 today at a local garage sale. It was hidden to the side under a kerosine heater, Mamma bare had already walked past and missed it but I spotted it straight away. I'm calling it my Gothic Coffee table.
I'm pretty sure its hardwood (well its heavy) & has a freaky blood red tiled top.
The legs have this brace that appears to be pegged to hold it together.

Unfortunately 2 of the tiles are chipped rather deeply so the tiles may need to be replaced

The dude selling it made all his own handmade furniture out of locally sourced reclaimed timber, i'm not sure if this was a piece he made or not, perhaps I should of asked. I know nothing about wood or carpentry so I hope I can do it justice and learn a little along the way. I dont even drink tea or coffee
First thing I need to do is clean my work bench and then give it a scrub.
Stay tuned............

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