Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What a week

We moved house this week, from our previous rental to another rental closer to our land so we can get starting building our dream house. Originally when we sold our old place we planned to rent for 2 years however we ended up spending twice what we planned to on land so an extra year renting isn’t so bad.

I think the best part about the new place is that on the whole there is so much space – 3 pantries, 2 linen presses, 4 bedrooms, a play room, a garage/workshop with underneath storage, massive lounge room, 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets, large laundry/Mud room, rear deck about 2/3 acre of yard.

There are a few draw backs though. The kitchen is the strangest shaped kitchen I have ever seen & the meals area is pokey, there is also that strange smell of “someone else’s house” which will clear.

It was a draining week leading up to the move though, I had little sleep on Monday and Tuesday night then Thursday night our youngest 3 all picked up a stomach bug from a guest who wasn’t well. So By Saturday at 2am I think I’d had about 14 hours sleep for the whole week.

We managed to get the majority of our stuff moved using the bus and a borrowed trailer from our Doula (the fridge was 20cm too tall for the bus). We still have a few large items, our couches, dining table, home school storage and all my garage bits and pieces but they will be collected with a rental van this weekend.

I will do a decent blog post about the new place and post some pics on the weekend

Until Then…….

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