Sunday, July 18, 2010

1 week down

One week down, many more to go, but slowly we are settling in and making the place feel like home.

I've only had to kill 1 huntsman spider so far which i'm glad about however it was rather large.

I'm really liking having a fire, a big thanks to our wonderful Doula & husband who dropped off some wood a few days back.
To say this has been our hardest move to date would be an understatement, i've made at least a dozen trips sometimes with the bus packed, sometimes with a trailer and ute, sometimes with a larger trailer and ute. I really need a ute.

I continue to amaze myself at what I'm able to lift, be it the fridge or our enourmous lounge, the majority has been done solo by yours truly. (mamma bare helped too).

All the heavy lifting has actually helped me get in the right frame of mind to up the ante health wise.

So tonight I also completed the "River Walk" a couple of kilometres of winding trail along the river complete with suspension bridges and wild life surprises (tonight it was a friendly wombat).

I'm loving the fresh air, the quiteness and the clean water, this has also helped cut down on coke.

I'll ty and get some pics of the views and stuff over the next few days.

Until next time....

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