Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mourning The Loss Of A Family Member

Our trusty NEC laptop passed away today, its been good to us, it started out as the family laptop over 4 years ago. It then became Mumma Bare & the childrens then it became the childrens only, then with the recent adition of a desktop it became the younger childrens.

It had a hard life, it was missing several keys, it ran hot, I had to drill the case to create more ventilation. It was half full of flour and weetbix and all sorts of food types.


We used the opportunity to do a little lesson in laptops 101, B and I broke it down piece by piece. Fun was had by all, and it was educational.

Miss L Made her own new laptop or as she calls it "Footah"

Mr C called dibs on the wireless card, as you can see his expander grew again today.

Of course with all activities that go on at our house clothes ARE optional.

Until next time.....

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