Friday, January 21, 2011


According to my post log I haven't made one in over a month, so without getting into the inner details here is a recap of the past month at the house of Fun.

  • I finished up at my old job, I was given a $150 JB voucher. I will not miss that place, just the awesome peeps I worked with.
  • Miss H turned 1, we took her to Healesville sanctuary and then had a gathering of about 50 people, I cooked a spit roast. It rained so most of the children were confined to quarters.
  • The Garage flooded, and wet all the carpet downstairs, it smelt like wet dog for the best part of 2 weeks.
  • I caught the train into the city. My first time in 8 years
  • I started my new job (more on that later)
  • Giftmas came with new bikes, transformers, dolls, vintage lego yada yada
  • New years came, I actually almost didn't make midnight, I was dozing off in bed as I heard one of the local parties count down. I must be getting old
  • Mamma Bears Brother, his wife and 3 children moved down the beach so we took in some coastal R&R
  • We drove to Adelaide for the Nevus conference (More on that later)
  • We drove back from Adelaide
  • The garage and downstairs flooded again (yay) Not as bad as the first time but still a weeks worth of carpet dryers.
Thats about all I can think of in terms of highlights, so here are some happy snaps in no particular order.

Flood #1
Day at the sanctuary
Miss H on her first birthday
With some ugly mug...
Yay for keeping up with 6 children
Sheesh a smile??
Mr C with one of the other attendees at the Nevus conference, was great to get a point of view of an adult who has grown up with CGMN, he was truly one of the nicest guys i've ever met and and we cant wait to catch up again.
Sunrise somewhere between Melbs and Radelaide
Me at about 3:55am
A perspective shot to see how white my legs are
Fun at the beach
Until next time I promise updates will start coming in more frequently now.

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