Friday, December 17, 2010

2011 will be the year of the push bike

In our house anyway........

I used to be quite into my bikes, but as I got older and less fit and had less time to ride it slowly dwindled away to nothing.

About 5 years ago I built up a mountain bike for hitting up some of the downhill tracks near where we lived at the time.

I started with a $1000 24 Bikes pornking frame

Avid Juicy 5's (Hyraulic Disc Brakes)

I built it up over about a year using parts on sale and bargains I came across on EBAY from time to time.


Unfortunately when we moved from brisbane to Melbourne the bike saw less and less use so I decided to sell it.

Fast forward to the present, my eldest boys have been bikeless since our last move due to there being no suitable places to ride. n the new house there are kilometers and kilometers of tracks to ride on.

So today we picked up some early christmas presents for B & T in the form of a couple of entry level BMX's

The satisfied customers

So now the eldest 4 children all have good bikes its time to kit up mumma bare and I

Mamma bare will be getting a ladies XC bike and a sweet little Baby trailer for Miss P and Miss H to be carted around in and i'll be building up something for myself
Stay tuned.......

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