Sunday, September 12, 2010

Why I Like The Way We Do Things

Deciding to home educate was one of the best moves we have ever made. Its hard to believe I was aprehensive at first. Some of my most memorable days have been "Learning" ones.

Its not just about handing a child some paints or playdoh and calling "unschooling" (I loath that word) its about giving them freedom.

Freedom to wear Brown corduroy overalls and a mustard turtleneck without fear of being teased
Freedom to have a bean bag camp out
Freedom to use your Mums camera and come up with gems like this - Reflection in nannas toaster, sponsored by vegemite
Its the Freedom of freedom, getting out in nature, getting dirty,

getting cold and wet....
Freedom to decorate & re-decorate
& photograph your results (pic by Miss L age 6)

Freedom to create something truly unique
Lego transformer by Master B Age 10
Freedom to turn off the lights
Freedom to use flour,
Freedom to work together
Freedom to make the meal Dad traditionally always makes (and do a better job I might add)
Freedom to embrace the failures. Sure it looked crap but we iced it and ate in nonetheless
Freedom to try it again

Master B now has biscuits, shortbreads, cakes, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, home made pizza dough, sausage rolls, and much more that he can prepare on his own and cook with little or no supervision. He knows the importance of cleaning up afterwards, of safety, and of presentation. There are fathers out there who cant or dont cook, dont or wont clean, are happy to sit in their own filth and are not an asset to their family. My son is already an asset at age 10, not because its a chore, not because we make him but because HE WANTS TO and that makes me proud beyond words.

Most of this learning was child led through success and failure. Its great to see the younger children following in their own individual ways. T doesnt show as much of an interest in cooking but is eager to help his brother and excels in other areas like design, L is very artistic.

Is homeschool working? Well if smiles are a judge then I think so.

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  1. Awesome post :)
    Unschooling, I loath the word too. I remember once I commented somewhere about Indy insisting on helping wash the dishes and I received a reply about how hard it was to unschool and not worry about the mess. Washing dishes is unschooling now?
    Youse are the kind of home educators I want to be when I grow up ;p