Friday, September 17, 2010

Updated Tech in the House of Love

I’ve been satisfied with my iPhone 3G, I bought it the week after they were released in Australia and found myself immediately impressed with the many uses and ways in which it took over from my laptop. Accessing things like email, IM, Facebook and general internet were great.

We had our issues, not necessarily the iphone itself but more so the compulsory itunes requirement to sync my data, more than once after an update I found myself restoring my music database. A task with 100gb of music I don’t want to repeat. I also found the phone limited, setting up MP3 ringtones was pokey, I couldn’t watch any of my video content as the device only supported mp4. It wasn’t expandable, didn’t multitask etc etc I could whinge more but I wont

Fast forward 2 years and after waiting and waiting for my Carrier to stock the new iPhone4 I decided to take a stand and look elsewhere

Enter the Samsung Galaxy S…….

I’ll let you know my thoughts in a few weeks, I also got one for Muma Bare, twas high time she got spoilt with some new techo.

Until next Time

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