Saturday, June 26, 2010

Update on Tissue Expansion

Busy Busy the last few weeks, for some reason i've started getting quite a few migraines, i've managed to stop them from going full blown by medicating and getting sleep but in the past 2 weeks i've had suffered from the onset 6 times, each time its been a food triggering it.
Anyhoo onto tissue expansion
Its now been 6 fill ups, if I remember correctly:

C is really looking quite…………how should I put it?? Freaky??

Its hard watching him run and play and jump and be a 4 year old boy without worrying about it. We had a great day out in Ballarat a few weeks back with Apwool & co. and I couldn’t help but notice all the stares he was getting from other people, both parents and children.

He noticed it for the first time on the way home from the hospital. We were parked at the lights next to a bus stop full of teenagers and C said from the back seat “they’re looking at me” I didn’t know what to tell him, so I said “wave a them, if they don’t wave back poke your tongue out”. We took off before we could test this but its there for next time.

Our only regular family outing is swimming on Saturdays which is great as we have been going there for a year now, everyone knows us and people don’t really pay much attention to C.

I have pre-booked the next 5 sessions, I hope they don’t put 100+ml in each time as his head will be huge, dressing him is tough now, we bought lots of button up shirts but he insists on wearing t-shirts. Getting his head in is like trying to put the tshirt over a head then over another head.

He has been great with the fill ups though, no tears or getting upset, I think it’s the combination of the great staff and also the many distractions they have for children plus he knows we always get an ice cream when we are done.

Some weeks we are in and out in 10 minutes like yesterday. Other weeks its 2-3 hours which can be draining.

I wish the end was in sight.

Until next Time…..

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  1. That is one impressive balloon! I wouldn't have thought it could get much bigger than that?
    I suppose people stare because they haven't seen anything like it before...sort of like the people that stare at mothers breastfeeding toddlers in public (or breastfeeding in public full stop)....sort of...

    Much love to youse xox