Friday, June 11, 2010

The Simple Things

Who would have thought such trivial things would bring such delight.

The Old

The New

My old work keyboard has served me well, going on 5 years actually. In that time its seen anywhere from 20 to 100 emails a day, has helped me execute millions of database queries, run countless command line scripts not to mention pump out hours of Im chat with colleagues and draft up functions specs, training material and much much more.

One of the curses of knowing your way around a computer is that people usually ask you for help or to fix their IT problems. In the office this can work in ones favour.

There is currently a hardware rollout of new desktops & laptops for all staff. A select few of the new laptops come with this very slick multimedia keyboards. I had previously upgraded my hardware before the rollout so knew I wasn’t getting anything.

I was asked as a favour to look at some database connectivity issues with one of the new build laptops (which I fixed) and in return (I’m all about earning and owning favours in the work place) scored myself a nice new keyboard. I have like 3 spare already but this keyboard is heaps good in comparison and slick to type on. It may seem insignificant but for someone who spends hours on end in front of the nerd screen something that is a pleasure to use and enables better productivity is welcomed.

I also reached a point in my life at aged 31 where I realised I needed slippers. "Old Friend Loafers" to be exact. Unfortunately I had to get them from a little shop called Rosenbergs that specialises in large shoes so they cost me about $70 but its a price i'm prepared to pay for warm feet.

Until next time......

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