Monday, August 2, 2010

White Stuff

Mr C had his tissue expander removed on thursday, he is still sore but just as cheeky as ever.

Feeling a bit too raw to share pics of the days in hospy so in lieu of those here are a few shots from our trip to the snow today. The best part was all this is 15 minutes from our house!!!!

Go prepared
C sees snow for the first time
L posing

P slightly chilly

C hiting the slopes on our kawasaki green toboggan

T getting into it

B doing the same

Snow fight

I was ambushed

C having a cold snack

Mumma Bare baby wearing in fresh powder
Miss P got a little wet and very cold fingers and decided to call it a day. "I'm really crying, i'm really crying" she kept saying.

posing some more

Brothers helping there little brother out with a lift home

Me and mine

B climbing

C got a lift back down
Self shot
Le Boos - It takes us everywhere

Until next time.............


  1. bah, where was that white stuff last weekend eh?

  2. I know

    I actually took the eldest 3 up again today